Before attending Berklee College of Music (1991-1994) Peter studied at Valencia Comm. College in Orlando, Florida under Dr. Larry Weed. After Berklee, Peter studied advanced improv with the great Charlie Banacos and earned a Master of Music degree from Boston University.

Instrumental studies began at age six on the violin. By age eight, Peter was studying with renowned violinist and conductor Angelo Gatto in his hometown of Columbia, MD. By that time his musical interest had also shifted to the guitar, which he studied on his own for several years before taking some lessons from local guitar teacher Bruce Casteel. By age twelve, he was playing electric and jamming in garage bands. At sixteen, he moved to New York with his family, where he studied music theory, and studio recording. Playing in various local bands through high school, Peter honed his recording skills producing demo tapes, and local releases. After high school, Peter moved to Florida for a couple of years, attending Valencia Comm. College as a music major. Tranfering to Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1991 to finnish his bachelor's degree. Around the same time, he began teaching guitar lessons full time, while also recording for radio, T.V., CD projects, and playing live gigs all over New England.